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Returns on document management systems are as difficult to measure with precision as those to CRMs and, to complicate matters, the two systems overlap to some degree since a good CRM will be integrated with the advisor's document management system making it hard to say which is generating the realized efficiencies...

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Reprinted with permission from Virtual Office News/Technology for Today

“Thank you once again for developing such awesome products that make my life easier and enable me to do my job more efficiently. You Rock!”

- Angela Aboujaoude,
Lodestar Private Asset Management, LLC


Assamblage Assemblage
Assemblage™ automatically and electronically assembles documents from various software applications into unique set of collated reports per recipient. Enjoy the benefits of automated filing, support for multiple delivery options and features that improve the professional appearance of your documents.
Symphony Suite Symphony Suite
Symphony Suite is the complete imaging solution for Worldox.
  • Symphony Profiler makes scanning and filing a speedy process. Make file reservations for individual documents, then batch scan. Symphony Profiler automatically files each document to Worldox precisely.
  • Symphony OCR automatically makes PDF images filed to Worldox text searchable without having you push a single button. Now that's powerful.
Worldox Worldox
Worldox® document management software with enhancements powered by Trumpet, Inc. transform your firm to a whole new level of efficiency.

Document Management Enhancements
What's better than Worldox®? Worldox integrated with your contact management system, web portal and more. Using Trumpet's tools to tie your workflow together saves you substantial time every day.
virtuoso Virtuoso
Virtuoso™ integrates Worldox with your contact management software - Easy, Simple, Fast. One-click buttons return the exact client files you want, on demand.
Attach Plus Attach Plus
Send sensitive documents securely via e-mail with a few mouse clicks. Attach Plus is the most intuitive software you'll ever use.
Tool Kit Tool Kit
In some cases, your firm may need a specific solution to a specific problem. Trumpet offers a variety of custom software utilities designed to address specific needs of our clients.
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