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“Your team is incredible. I'm what you would call a "Trumpeter" after the level of service you provide.”

- Joel Vander Meyden,
Financial Advisory Corporation


Implement powerful software with an experienced team!

Since 1999, the Trumpet team has partnered with financial advisory firms to deploy a suite of robust software packages to improve the workflow efficiencies within practices throughout the country.

Whether you are a new firm hesitant of the technology choices facing your firm, or a well established firm looking to take advantage of new technology, Trumpet has the experience to help you make the right decisions.

Our insight into the financial advisory industry allows us to offer real-time solutions to everyday processes. We don't assume anything. We listen and learn and offer our advice.

Our focus is on providing you tools and techniques to allow you more time working on behalf of your client and less time on administrative tasks. We thrive on designing workflow which embraces technology and encourages human ability.

Our relationships with the firms we service represent a true partnership. We provide a sensible approach to implementing technology, understanding each firm has unique needs with special requirements. We recognize technology doesn't increase efficiency alone - how technology is introduced and implemented largely determines how well it is embraced. Our clients respect us for this philosophy.

Our philosophy at Trumpet is to provide honest and intelligent feedback on the best way to implement technology within your firm. We openly share best practices and continuously achieve new levels of success. As a client of Trumpet, you can be confident you're working with a technology partner for years to come!

Electronic Document Management for Financial Advisors
The Trumpet Team specializes in implementing Worldox™ document management software specifically for the financial advisory industry. This means our team offers the experience and judgment necessary to ensure a successful implementation with lasting benefits. With Trumpet, we make the implementation a success by...

Enhanced Worldox Experience Moreover, Trumpet's custom software applications enhance the abilities of Worldox and provide advisory firms solutions to your everyday needs. Learn more about our solutions for Optical Character Recognition , CRM Integration , and Reservation Fulfillment.

Automating Quarterly Reporting with Assemblage
Assemblage™, Trumpet's document assembly software, automates electronic document collation, while allowing you to easily and quickly customize the contents of each assembly per individual recipient.

We understand each firm's reporting process varies greatly! With Assemblage, our team configures the software specifically for your firm - meaning there's no requirement we haven't been able to accommodate with our robust software.

Assemblage can even be configured to accommodate your annual Tax reporting. Learn how we custom configure Assemblage to meet all your unique requirements and join the many firms who've made their Performance Reporting process a breeze!

Consulting Services
Over the years, Trumpet has advised many firms who sought the opinion of a trusted, experienced and confidential source. Learn more about our consulting services.

trumpet inc.