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“We have enjoyed your company's service and programs over the past several years. Your systems have been a godsend for us from a client service perspective.”

- Eric Tashlein,
Connecticut Capital Management Group

Electronic Document Management

With several decades of combined experience working with advisory firms' technology, workflow as well as Worldox document management software, here's how your Trumpet team creates success for you:

Your implementation service includes:

  • A dedicated Trumpet project manager to ensure your success
  • Design sessions with a Document Management Specialist to tailor Worldox to work the way you do
  • Guided training workshops
  • Access to online forums and a wrap up session to address questions after you go live

Worldox Services Overview

Design Trumpet interviews your firm and tailors Worldox to work the way you do
Customization Trumpet applies your Worldox customization
Training Attendees Learn:
Session 1 - Operators' Training Workshop Worldox navigation
Scanning tips and tricks
Adding new clients and accounts
Shortcuts to speed up filing
Methods to ensure consistent filing
How to set up integration with your CRM
Session 2 - Firmwide Savvy Saving Shortcuts for saving documents
Options for working with files (versioning, copying, commenting, etc.)
Session 3 - Firmwide Savvy Searching Wide variety of search techniques
Using file features (preview, etc.)
Customizing preferences
Working with e-mail attachments
How to use CRM integration
Session 4 - Worldox Administrator Training Using the Audit Trail
Printing reports
Setting up a new employee
Adding a user to a security group
Worldox integration with other applications
Making system-wide changes
Using active/inactive codes
Working with add-on applications
Optional sessions below are available based on the needs of your firm:
Portal Integration How to set up and send files to your secure client portal
Migration Consultation Migrating legacy documents to Worldox
Advanced Users Editing preferences
Working with related files
Using Favorites and Tags
Editing, moving and more
FINRA Compliance Covers features and processes to address FINRA compliance requirements
E-mail Integration File incoming and outgoing e-mail
Customize e-mail searching
Working with e-mail attachments
Working with e-mail rules

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