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Automated document assembly

With Assemblage™, collating unique content for unique recipients is easy and fast! We understand you have clients with custom requirements. Not all recipients receive the same content. Moreover, certain clients may wish to view their reports on a portal where others prefer to receive their reports by mail. With Assemblage, it's all managed effectively!

Implementing Assemblage
From the very beginning of our relationship with you, Trumpet makes it a point to listen to your needs and provide a thorough & detailed solution.

  1. Our Work Order identifies each element of content, the order and relationships between each client & recipient.

  2. Once your Assemblage Agreement is executed, your Assemblage project gets scheduled (2-3 business days) with a corresponding Action Plan.

  3. Trumpet configures Assemblage and coordinates your team to execute your Action Plan.

  4. Training is instructor-led via the web with supporting training documentation.

  5. Support of your firm is especially important to us here at Trumpet. While Assemblage requires little on-going support, Trumpet follows up with your team at certain points in your first year of use.

This is one of many practices that assure our clients of our continual commitment to excellence!

Implementing Assemblage is extremely straight forward! While your specifications are technical in nature, your experience is made simple by the planning and precise execution from your Trumpet team member.

Deploying Assemblage results in countless hours of time savings and stress free reporting year after year!

If you have any questions about our implementation process, contact

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